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Orlando and Tasha seem enchanted. Bar in Baby Pink and White, island row in Baby Blue and White, back counter in Baby Pink and Baby Blue, barstool and floor in Sage, foreground chair in Lilac. Excuse the poor lighting on the floor, I forgot to turn the lights on.

Cindy, on the other hand, feels inspired to do some classic noogie-ing. Of course, if she were a clever girl, she'd have done an Atomic Wedgie. Chairs in Dark Pink, Apple Green, Red, and Pumpkin.

Entire retro palette included for the counters, bar, barstool, and dining chair, floor, full-tile and half-tile walls. I tried to do the lights, but they're the kind with only texture overrides, and I couldn't get them to work. Along with Aelia's colors, there's a white color of bodies and tops of the counter and bar, white colors for the cushions, and white and black for the barstool frame, which the chair already had.

Download here.

Anyone want the build files, or other things from the set?


Date: November 27th, 2012 10:20 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] currantpotpie
I LOVE these recolors! You mentioned a build set as well. Did you do the doors at all? They would be cute as a matching diner.


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