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Just a small thing today. I bring you Hafiseazale's new and improved Cambria set. No swatch, because Photoshop's being a butt.

The set is done in Pooklet's naturals (including grays) and the v3.5 colors (hydrazine, firework, etc), and I think a few 3.0 customs. The cabinet itself has the original texture, but the top and knobs have a texture pulled from a Maxis floor, which is conveniently shown in the picture above, which is good, because the angle doesn't let you see the tops very well.

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Hi guys. Today, I bring you a couple more Adele sets recolored.

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These should all be compressorized and include proper descriptive names. Meshes and previews/swatches are not included.

Credits to:
Adele for her gorgeous meshes and textures
Aelia and Curious B for colors and actions
A few people at DeviantArt for patterns (I'm a bad texture user. I never remember specific names.)

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Click to download
KwikGro Decking in iCad's and Pooklet's natural colors (iCad Burnished Amber shown)

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Oh, holidays. I'm so glad they're over.

Here I have Holy Simoly's Simply Elegant curtains in Pooklet's customs and Aelia's Eco and Jewel palettes.

More behind the cut.

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Those Atomica doors will be up soon. I would blame holidays, but I was also just really lazy

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Sorry, no previews yet. I'll try to get some up. I don't even have a swatch for Piggi's holiday colors, but they look a lot like the "country" colors, along with a lavender and a gold. I'm sure everyone knows iCad's colors by now.

Link is here, original meshes (not included) are here.
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Woods in Aelia's Autumn and a bunch of patterns, cushions in Autumn and Curious B's ACYL. Two previews behind the cut.
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So, um, yeah. I'm not good at doing things in a timely manner. I have a lot of stuff made, but I after the extracting, and Photoshop, and Simpe, I'm too sick of working on it to bother taking previews and upload photos and files and make posts. I know I should, I just want to play, you know?

So, I actually have something right now ready.

Adele's Victorian Gothic set in both iCad's woods and Aelia's Eco colors!

Assuming I counted correctly, the sofa is in eco beige, dining chair in eco chestnut, living chair in eco vanilla, the chaise lounge in iCad's burnished amber, and end table in iCad's pewter.


I included Adele's original files, since it unfortunately doesn't seem like her site is coming back, and her policy is share-friendly.

Just a warning, the dark colors all look really dark on my computer. I could easily see the difference in Photoshop, but not in-game. I'm not sure if it's the game's graphics engine or my monitor or what, but I sometimes just can't tell the difference between anything darker than, like, eco gunmetal.

Anyway, here's to hoping I post somehthing else before the internet becomes obsolete.

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Yay, my mother's internet actually works! So, I have things for you! Exclamation points!!
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So, Happy Chanukkah, Marry Christmas, Joyous Kwanzaa, Pleasant Festivus, Happy Yule, or Happy Next Sunday! Whatever you do or don't celebrate, I still hope it's a good day!

It's up!

Jun. 7th, 2011 10:59 am
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I've actually had these done for a couple days, but was really lazy about taking previews, then really lazy about getting them posted, but it's done! I really should have gone back in and taken closer pictures, but I'm just really bad at positioning the ingame camera. I only did the Shakerlicious Curvy Cooker, Fridge 1, and Dishwasher (which masters the trash compacter, as I learned. Yay!). The counter above the dishwasher is Junky's respective recolor, so you can see how they go together. The contrast is sometimes stronger, thanks to the difference between metal and wood.Pics behind the cut )
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Mediafire's being a bitch, so there's only one other upload today. If I can get Mediafire working tomorrow, I'll try to get more up here then.

Anyway, this is Bloom's corner mirror, link with preview here, done in CuriousB's colors, swatch here. No preview. I might take a picture ingame when I think of it, but I figured I'd get this up here tonight.