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The armoire, dresser, counter, and endtable. I'm planning on doing the stove, cupboard and the doors, and the bed if I can get it to work.

These are based off of Hafiseazale's work, so you should download their files as well. For the counter, I did not do the countertop, since it wouldn't have changed from Hafiseazale's, so you get a less cluttered catalog. So, if you want matching countertops, go get those files here.

As you can see, the mapping of the dresser and counter curtain make getting the pattern seamless a challenge. I tried as much as I could to make it look good and picked pattens I thought wouldn't be too distracting, but they're not perfect. I don't think any of them look bad, though.

I included 14 (!) different patterns for Cottage White, because I like white kitchens. There are previews included (don't worry about the numbers with any color other than White. There's only one panel for each of the other colors, and the numbers on the White ones match filenames,) for easy deletion.

download here
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