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So, um, yeah. I'm not good at doing things in a timely manner. I have a lot of stuff made, but I after the extracting, and Photoshop, and Simpe, I'm too sick of working on it to bother taking previews and upload photos and files and make posts. I know I should, I just want to play, you know?

So, I actually have something right now ready.

Adele's Victorian Gothic set in both iCad's woods and Aelia's Eco colors!

Assuming I counted correctly, the sofa is in eco beige, dining chair in eco chestnut, living chair in eco vanilla, the chaise lounge in iCad's burnished amber, and end table in iCad's pewter.


I included Adele's original files, since it unfortunately doesn't seem like her site is coming back, and her policy is share-friendly.

Just a warning, the dark colors all look really dark on my computer. I could easily see the difference in Photoshop, but not in-game. I'm not sure if it's the game's graphics engine or my monitor or what, but I sometimes just can't tell the difference between anything darker than, like, eco gunmetal.

Anyway, here's to hoping I post somehthing else before the internet becomes obsolete.

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