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Hi guys. Today, I bring you a couple more Adele sets recolored.

First off is the Super Chouette set, done in twelve bold patterns and leathers. This is only the chair; I didn't recolor the coffee table. I apparently planned on doing the lamp, since I extracted the texture, but I never got around to actually making recolors. Oh well, more plans.

[click for swatch]
Download Chouette colors | Get Adele's meshes

Next up, the Regal Dining set. Again, this is only the woods, not the cushion. My favorite's the rose one. I love pink woods. I hope the unlabeled swatch isn't too confusing.

[click for swatch]
Download Regal colors | Adele's meshes

And, lastly, the Liam build set. This includes the metals and the fences. So, everything that's not glass.


Download Liam colors | Adele's meshes


These should all be compressorized and include proper descriptive names. Meshes and previews/swatches are not included.

Credits to:
Adele for her gorgeous meshes and textures
Aelia and Curious B for colors and actions
A few people at DeviantArt for patterns (I'm a bad texture user. I never remember specific names.)

Date: January 15th, 2014 05:02 pm (UTC)
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These are lovely, thank you!


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