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Just what it says, this is the Contempto dining chair done in CuriousB's gorgeous colors, plus some patterns I found. Yes, I did post this to GOS a few months ago. This was my first creation, so some of them are rougher than I'd like. But I'm mostly happy with them, and I have a lot of ideas that I want to try before I go fix things.



and swatch of my patterns.

Mind you, this was taken with the game's camera, so it shouldn't be nearly as blurry ingame. Also, these files should be not Compressorized. If they are, and someone has problems with them, I'll see if I have pre-compressed files. If not, that'll probably motivate me to redo these sooner.

Here's the Mediafire link.

Edit: Gah! Totally forgot this, but go get HL's repositoried tables.


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