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Woods in Aelia's Autumn and a bunch of patterns, cushions in Autumn and Curious B's ACYL. Two previews behind the cut.

These are, I believe, Desat Purple and Dark Teal (but I'm probably wrong) and one of the patterns.

This on has Autumn Green Olive and another of the patterns.

I'm not too sure how I like the fabric recolors. The pillows were hard to do, and, even after plenty of handpainting, there's still not enough contrast. It just looks too monochrome, I guess. Of course, now that they're Simpe'd and uploaded, I'm getting ideas, but I'm sick of looking at them. They still look good, just not quite good enough. Anyway.

Genius me, I forgot the download link. Here it is.

All files are subfoldered, and the "Patterns" folder contains swatches off all recolors with matching filenames, so you can easily delete whatever you don't like. Files are compressorized. Be sure to get Ja's two expansions! The second one is here. The first was on her old journal, and I can't find a link. More importantly, go get the original meshes by Adele.

Date: November 10th, 2012 03:34 am (UTC)
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Yay - so glad you friended me so I could find your journal! Lovely meshes in lovely colors, I'm looking forward to seeing them in game. Thank you :)


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