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Hi-ho, everyone!

So, I'm Siofra. The "bunnies" part came when someone already had my base name, and a rabbit happened to hop past the window.

So, yeah, this is my Sims journal. Well, no. I only post sims stuff, but I comment anywhere, join different communities, etc, because I don't feel like juggling accounts. I mostly do object recolors, since I'm really scared of meshing, and I'm not great at dismantling bodyshop stuff.

If I have any Mediafire issues, here's my shared Dropbox link. You'll have to wade through, but I give everything proper names, so no worries.

Now, terms of use:
  • Pretty typical. Feel free to use my stuff however you want. Take it apart and rebuild it, share it, print out pictures to hang in your hallway to throw darts at, I don't care.
  • No paysites.
  • Don't claim my work as your own. Credit please, to Siofra.
  • I am willing to share textures, psds, bases, templates, whatever resources I use. Just ask! If I do give you a texture or a link, you should credit whatever artist created it. I just put colors and textures on things. The people who make such pretty images should get just as much credit.
  • I don't mind wcifs, so don't hesitate to ask!
  • I also take requests, so go ahead and ask. I'm not so good with advanced mapping. I'm still learning Photoshop, so I might reject if I feel I can't produce something worthy, but I am willing to try. I really enjoy learning how to do something new.

Master list


Adele's Amelia in Curious B, Aelia's Autumn, and Patterns

Adele's Victorian Gothic in iCad's woods and Aelia's Eco colors
Adele Chouette, Regal, and Liam in various colors
Numenor's Recolorable Wooden Stairs
Exnem Tonberries childrens' toys
Jonesi's Bed Blanket in Aelia's Autumn with crochet texture, and bright patterns
Sims2Play Hanset bedroom in Aelia's Jewels and Maxis Woods

Buggybooz's Shakerlicious major appliances in CuriousB's colors
Bloom's corner mirror in CuriousB's colors
Holy Simoly's Simply Elegant Curtains
TNW's OLS converted fireplace
Karaskaras' Cube and Ibis sets in Pooklet and Anna
Sims2Play/Hafiseazale's Cambria in Pooklet naturals and random customs


Apartment door to match Holy Simoly Tulip Grove
Contempo Dining chair in CuriousB's colors and paint-like patterns
AL Tech Office set in Select CuriousB colors
Pets Atomica Kitchen in Aelia Retro and accompanying build mode
Seasons furniture with panels part 1
AL Fringed Bliss lamps in Aelia Jewels

2 bed/1bath starter with pool
Hidden Garden: 3 bed/2bath, huge garden

Build Mode
basegame Red Brick Walkway in Aelia's Eco
KwikGro Decking floor
Smitty's Distressed Parquet floor

Multi-pt Alien Default set 1

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