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Yay, my mother's internet actually works! So, I have things for you! Exclamation points!!

In general: I didn't include swatches in the files, because I'm a huge ditz and forgot. It shouldn't be too much of a problem, as all files are clearly named and most of them use someone else's colors. Sorry about that. Also sorry about all the crappy preview pictures. Holiday travel mean no photo editing!


This floor, the Red Brick Walkway, in Aelia's Eco colors. You'll see it below, in dark chocolate, I believe. Swatch. Click here to download.


This is Numenor's Recolorable Wooden Stairs in Pooklet's naturals and Aelia's Eco colors. I have completely forgotten which two colors those are, but the left is Pooklet, right is Aelia, I think in Dark Chocolate. There's also the white I used as a base, because I kinda liked it. Download here.Mesh not included, go here for it. They require Scriptorium, which is no where near as scary as I thought it would be.


These children's toys are Tonberries! Mesh by Exnem included.Click here to download.


This is the Tech Office Set from AL, recolored in selected Curious B colors. This includes the chairs, bookcase, and desk. The frames are all done in Jet, and the tops/seats/bookcase done in Aubergine, Caramel, Chestnut, Damson, French Navy, Green Olive, Oyster, and Steel. Sofa by Leefish not included, get it here. Previewed is Aubergine, everything else Maxis. Download office.


Jonesi Blankets, in Aelia's Autumn with a nice, cozy pattern (seriously, it looks so warm!) and a bunch of random patterns I found, mostly on DeviantArt. The patterns are clearly named based on the filename, so if you really want to preview all of them, you can search DeviantArt for them. Sorry, I just completely forgot to put together a swatch. Download blankets.


The AL Apartment door in Holsy Simoly Tulip Grove colors. I just hate when the game creators give us something really pretty, like the Socialite texture for this door, then only give us one color. So I made more. The both this picture and the other swatch are included in the file. Click here to download them.


And lastly, the Hansen set, meshes here, in Aelia's Jewels and 3 Maxis woods. I only recolored the double bed, as Hokadk made the set repository!. Sorry for using the same preview as last post, but I completely forgot to take more pictures. Besides, this is a nice picture. Download here.

So, Happy Chanukkah, Marry Christmas, Joyous Kwanzaa, Pleasant Festivus, Happy Yule, or Happy Next Sunday! Whatever you do or don't celebrate, I still hope it's a good day!

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