May. 2nd, 2011


May. 2nd, 2011 10:34 am
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Finally, Mediafire allowed me to upload my MultiPT set! I'm so proud of this, because I'd never modded, not at this level. It was really, really easy, thanks to Simgaroop's tutorial.

Here are the four Techs.
           Alpha                                                 Beta                                                 Gamma                                       Delta- who has blond hair, but is bald and eyebrow-less.

I tried to get them as unique as possible, without producing really ugly kinds. I do kind of wish I had done more with Delta's face, but I'm still pretty happy.  And, just to show I'm not lying, lets look at some kids! I used Simbin parents, so you can hopefully see which features come from which parent.

 This is Mr. Picasso and his twin children, Kishto and Kishta.

Priya Ramaswami and her daughter, Kamina. Beta's pug nose came through really well on her.

Sanjay Ramaswami and his son Kif. Tattoos no included; they're from the outfit.

And Jessica (?) Picasso and her daughter, Klaatu.

Download here.

Edit: Oh, and one other thing. In my excitement, I forgot to give Gamma the Mad Scientist Outfit. It doesn't affect gameplay at all, but I didn't want anyone to think their files were borked.

Credits: I used Jessi's gorgeous Wearing Diamonds skins, found here. And Four of Rensim's eyes, found at Sims2Graveyard. And, as I said above, Simgaroop's modification of Fwiffo's MultiPT Kit. Thank you to everyone!


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